Whole House Remodel

Perfect location, not-so perfect house? Reinvent your space to gain the living, style, and comfort you want with a whole house revival. Purposeful design can breathe new life into your old home, bringing it up to today’s standards. With the Baxter process, your whole house renovation is planned with inspired spaces, an attention to detail, and quality craftmanship to create a home that’s perfect for you.

We hired Baxter Construction to completely renovate a 1930’s brick-and-stucco house—from top to bottom, including all finish work. Baxter’s people were skilled, professional, efficient, and extremely polite. When issues arose, as is inevitable in an older house, they responded with reasonable options and followed through on our decisions. We’ve renovated several properties, and, in our experience, Baxter Construction represents the very best.

– Meredith Von Kohorn